Personal Care Services
Daily personal care is a big part of healthy living.
Personal care is a big part of healthy living. Whether its hygiene care, help with dressing, medication reminders, or other important daily tasks, we are there to ensure a smooth and dignified care routine. Our services include personal hygiene (bathing, dressing and/or toileting), transferring in and out of bed/chair, assistance with ambulation, and assistance with feeding.
Mobility Assistance
With aging and certain conditions, mobility for your loved one can be an issue. We also know that people want to enjoy their homes by using all of its space. Luckily Maximum Home Support Services is happy to help ensure that mobility around the house is facilitated.
Meal Preparation, Special Diet Adherence, and Feeding
We handle thoughtful meal preparation
These are some of our most popular services. Having nutritious meals that can also adhere to special diets makes the experience at home even more pleasant. We handle thoughtful meal preparation so that your loved one can enjoy a culinary delight with every meal.
Medication Reminders
We provide important medication reminders.
We remember medication so your loved one doesn’t have to. We are knowledgeable in this area, and ensure medication is taken properly and on time. Simple.
Toilet and Incontinence Care
Dignified and Secure
We provide assistance in both of these areas that makes your loved one feel dignified and secure.
Respite Care
Support and maintain the primary care giver relationship
We give you or your caregiver temporary relief by caring for family members who might otherwise require placement in a facility outside of the home. Respite care helps support and maintain the primary care giver relationship, provides a positive experience for the person receiving care, and a break and peace of mind for the primary family caregiver. Respite care can include company and companionship during hobbies and interests.
Light Household Management Services
We promote independence
We promote independence through helping with light household duties. Household Management responsibilities are light housekeeping tasks, laundry, meal planning and preparation, shopping.
Special Needs and Behavioural Support
We work closely with your loved one
Behavioural changes due to dementia or other conditions can be difficult for you and your family. We work closely with your loved one to manage this change in a professional way.